On this page you can find out about zero-emission zones in the Netherlands and how they affect foreign vehicles here. 

The Netherlands have decided on a zero-emission zone for logistics in 30 to 40 cities that will be in place from 2025 on. Logistics means here delivery and servicing. From January 1st 2025 only zero emission vehicles will be allowed to enter the city center for delivery.

All new delivery vans and lorries that are registered from 1 January 2025 must be zero-emission in order to be allowed to enter the zero-emission zone for city logistics. Private vehicles including camper vans will be exempted in the logistic zones until 2030.

There is a transitional arrangement for delivery vans.
The minimum standard for delivery vans is:

From 2025 -> Euro 5

From 2027 -> Euro 6

From 2028 -> zero-emission

There is also a transitional agreement for lorries registered 2020 and later (rigs) or 2017 and later (tractor-semitrailer combination). 
These can enter the zero-emission logistics zone if they meet a minimum standard of:

From 2025 -> Euro 6 

From 2030 -> zero-emission 

Your vehicle’s emissions standard determines until when you are allowed to drive in a zero-emission zone. The emissions standard is a rating that indicates how low your vehicle’s emissions are. The higher the rating, the lower the emissions. The emissions standard corresponds to your vehicle’s Euro emissions standard. If you don’t know your vehicle’s Euro emissions standard, you can find it in the tables based on the date when the vehicle was first registered.